Essential Oil Blend Roller for Psychic Attacks


Essential oils offer clarity and peace when in the moment. Roll your essential oils on your pressure points like the temple, back of the neck, wrists or even areas that feel pain.

We are surrounded by energies that are not contributing to us. This blend is the ultimate aura cleanser to rid you of psychic attacks and negative energy.

Protect yourself with our blend of Clary Sage, Benzoin and Camphor. The combination of Red Jasper crystal roller and Dragon’s Blood will keep you grounded and protect your aura all day from psychic attacks.

Ingredients & Benefits

  • The incorporation of Benzoin offers focus and increases concentration.
  • Clary Sage encourages calm and restoration. The use of the oil promotes contentment and self-love.
  • Camphor oil can banish fear, dispel negativity, fear and cowardice.
  • Red Jasper helps to become centred and balanced when your energy is scattered.
  • Dragon’s blood helps you stand up for what is suitable for you, and it helps balance the masculine and feminine energies.

Ingredients: Clary sage, Benzoin, Camphor oil, Red Jasper roller and Dragon’s Blood.

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