Essential Oil Blend Roller Heart Chakra Green


Essential oils offer clarity and peace when in the moment. Roll your essential oils on your pressure points like the temple, back of the neck, wrists or even areas that feel pain.

Your Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata, allows to you rid yourself of resentment and past grievances and open your heart up to love, compassion, and balance.

Open your heart centre with our blend of Marjoram, Rosewood and Eucalyptus.

The Rose Quartz crystal roller and Green Aventurine combination allow you to open your heart.

Features & benefits

  • Marjoram brings calm and warmth to the soul, and it brings peacefulness, helping to still the mind.
  • Rosewood helps us calm and balance our emotions, taking away the negative ones, giving the feeling of strength and happiness.
  • Eucalyptus encourages emotional balance and awakens the spirit of your healing powers.
  • Rose Quartz is a soothing and calm crystal that allows you to enhance love in any situation.
  • Green Aventurine grounds your emotional body and rebalances your heart’s desire.

Ingredients: Marjoram, Rosewood, Eucalyptus, Rose Quartz roller and Green Aventurine.

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