Essential Oil Blend Roller Sacral Chakra Orange


Essential oils offer clarity and peace when in the moment. Roll your essential oils on your pressure points like the temple, back of the neck, wrists or even areas that feel pain.

The Sacral Chakra, also known as Swadhisthana, controls your emotions, sexuality, creativity, and intimacy.

Unblock this Chakra and awaken your sexual energy through Sweet Fennel, Patchouli, and Sweet Orange.

The combination of Obsidian crystal roller, Moonstone and Snowflake Obsidian helps you release, move on, and feel the change.

Start fresh now, not tomorrow.

Features & benefits

  • Patchouli’s allows you to feel relaxed and relieved through aromatherapy.
  • Sweet fennel will encourage, balance, and support your current feelings.
  • Sweet orange will help you exercise your productivity performance and offer pain relief.
  • Obsidian helps one get in touch with repressed issues.
  • Moonstone brings calm feelings and awareness.

Ingredients: Sweet Fennel, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Moonstone and Obsidian roller.

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