The Dragon Crystal Pendant


Crystals –  Amethyst , Lapis Lazuli , Clear Crystal , Rose Quartz , Tiger Eye , Green Aventurine , Red Jasper , Orange Jade, Opal (synthetic)
Crystal Features – Hexagonal Crystal Pillar.
Size – Approx 3.43 x 5.82 cm / 1.35 x 2.29 inches

This beautiful Dragon crystal pendant is a product of high class craftsmanship and intricate designing. It’s a perfect piece to have as an everyday jewellery to elevate your style. The wearer of the Dragon pendant feels courage, power, protection and even good luck! Some say wearing a dragon pendant helps to protect one’s finest treasure, your Heart. The Dragon can also symbolize strength and power of the wearer, it also wards off others negative energy.

What do dragons symbolize spiritually?

Dragons are considered omens of luck and good fortune. Many civilizations believe them to be heralds of wealth and abundance in life, while many associate them with water bodies and rain. They are also omens of power, bravery and transformation.

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